Smylies Mission

To deliver services to customers which enrich their understanding of others and the environment by providing quality travel and accommodation experiences.

Who are we?
Colin and Keiko Pander have run Smylies since it's inception in 1986.

The transport side is run by Colin and Gus who with a team of dedicated drivers will look after you tour needs throughout the South island and are able to cater for all your group travel requirements.

We have three children,Toshi, Erika and Georgi and the animals Kunta the cat,  Kuni the walking garbage disposal unit and 2 alpaca's.
We have run our hostel as a family business and give all our guests the feeling of being at home, even though your home may be 10000km away.

Arriving home for us means that when you check in you get an introduction from us which includes being shown to your room and introduced to other guests.  You have the freedom to cook your own meals or try Keiko's amazing cuisine.  Other than that there is space and a relaxed atmosphere to relax and catch up with yourself.

Apart from the busy months of July and August, we try and accommodate everybody in rooms with a maximum of 4 people per room for the dorms so you can spread out.

As we intend to be here for another 20 years to watch the family and trees grow, you can be assured that satisfied guests is our bottom line and not money as is often the case in this ever changing backpackers market.

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 erika and colin  in japan

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Some of the comments in our guest book: "great feeling of home"

"What a fantastic way to start NZ, my first night in NZ in this great place!! if all NZ is like this I'll never leave" - Matt K

"Cheers for the hospitality and the fantastic bouldering, love the place" - Nick

We look forward to hosting you here at Smylies.