Castle hill reserve basin

Described as one of New Zealand's finest rock climbing and bouldering locations, it's also one of the most accessible. About 20 min drive from Smylies, Castle Hill features five areas with around 250 climbs and well over 1000 plus boulder problems.

The rock is in good condition, the area (spittle/quantum) is developed and the atmosphere is unmatched. If you have never climbed here before then you are in for a treat. If you have already, this is your chance to fully explore the newly mapped area with the added bonus of being able to tick little boxes. Castle hill is known for it’s technical and often powerful climbing style. People either love it or find it challenging, until they work out what smears hold and build up those mantle muscles.

The quality of the Limestone and the ability to climb virtually all year make the Castle Hill climbing area very popular throughout the year.

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 The Castle Hill guide is  sold out , at this stage we don't know if it is coming back or if it is needed back ,a further conversation is needed.

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