Spring 2011

Winter came and went this year with some very big snow falls on the mountain and lot's of wind to blow it around,big thank you to Iwaya and Tsutahara san and their team for coming to stay with us again and sample Keiko's food , Toshi is still in Japan gathering worldly experiences and enjoying himself and for anybody over there this nothern hemisphere winter he should be found doing jumps around niseko.

On the home front we have spend time on the entrance with a new look drive and wall to welcome everybody ,it has a flavour of old and new  with a touch of history in the use of railway sleepers.we all look forward to a warm summer and this hope to get away for a break so if you don't find us here don't despair we won't be far away. 



Finally getting updates out, the webhosting program has been playing up and hopefully everybody will be able to read this now,the summer has been wet and hot of and on, great for the garden bad for painting, we are getting lots of use out of the earthquake damaged ski shed with thousands of bricks going back into the earth as borderseperators and looking good in the process ,photo`s coming. Toshi and Georgi are in Japan for some snow therapy with Toshi taking a gap year to see the world.

On the eco front we have changed some vehicles to get more economy but the radiators have not proven themselves with the installer not completing his work, so back to the drawing board for the solar