it is officially spring with the blossoms on the cherry trees and fresh snow on the mountain tops. It looks like winter will extend itself for another month, after a extremely busy July and August we are looking forward to some spring skiing ourselves and taking a look into the garden to see what damage needs rectifying for the summer.

I'm sure everybody has heard about the great news from Porters with their new plan finally officially released and we look forward to the prospect of travelling on chairlifts and gondolas.

Well it is getting colder ,Mt Hutt is looking at opening on the 30th of May  and we are busy getting ready for the winter. New at Smylies for 2009 is the  Cottage purchased this year which is targeted for families with it `s own lounge, kitchen and 3 bedrooms. we are also moving the laundry this year  which should make washing a little bit of a lesser chore than it usually is. Bookings are filling up fast so take advantage of some great snow this year and book your bed early. See you at smylies.



Feb. 23 2009 our winter packages rates are now on the website