we have retained our Qualmark rating for another year and are in the process of applying for the enviro bronze award,

September 27 2008   A winter to reMember for many years to come, great snow coverage and lots of returning customers whom we hadn't seen for a couple of years made this winter very enjoyable for Keiko and I. we are now into the final week of winter and wish to thank everybody for your visits to us and look forward to another repeat next year. On the Spring /Summer front we are looking forward to the new Spittle Hill climbing guide due out end of oct and the release of the movie Bruidsvlucht ( Brides flight) which was partly filmed here in Springfield we have revamped our Smylies farm escape weekend to be called  the smylies eco tour with more emphasise on the environment we now live in and want to keep for our kids.



Well, the first snow has fallen on the ground in Springfield, take a look at the photo gallery, looks like we're in for a good year.



Snow on the mountain, 2 regular cold snaps following each other ,it looks like we're in for a good winter. At least the Moon Man thinks so .Here at Smylies we are firm believers in people who tell us it is going to snow so we'll keep the donut picture even though the donut has shifted to a barn on Pococks rd (you can still see it) this year we are concentrating on the vehicles with an additional bus for the winter season ,also Keiko's kitchen will get a small makeover to ensure the food coming out of there lives up to food critics wonderful reviews

So folks start planning that winter escape now as places are filling up fast in anticipation of that snow